Time for a Fresh Start

I started this business a little over 2 ½ years ago. Being a solo business entrepreneur, I knew I needed a website butI didn’t know anything about web design, how to build one, colors, etc. nor did I have the budget for a one! So, I did what a lot of people in my position do, chose a DIY website builder. 

As I headed into 2019, I planned my first travel event with Ten Tomorrow by Summer Shiigi, an effortless, resort wear, travel clothing line. After this first event, I started to feel this itch to take my brand to a new level.

I ask Summer to take a look at my website. 
S: “April, your website looks amateur! You have to keep scrolling and scrolling down, it looks very much like a DIY website.” 
Me: “Yes, because I did do it myself. I don’t have experience in branding or making a website. I don’t know which colors or designs look best, that is not my forte. I plan trips!”
S: “You need to get Keri Kubota with Our Garden Collective to help you with your website and branding. She’s the best and helped with my business but she’s very busy. I’ll connect you. We can all meet at my store and we can game plan what your thoughts are on your brand, what you want it to be and transfer that vision onto your website”. 
Me: I’m thinking, “How lucky am I to have a friend and advisor like Summer?!

First I looked around for rates to build a website from scratch. I called a few local web designers who worked with start-up businesses… their prices were insane! I would describe my vision, but they didn’t understand what I was looking for and I didn’t feel a connection with them. They used a lot of big design terms and felt like they were condescending. This was not encouraging at all so I decided to contact Keri and everything just took off from there! [ view our creative process ]

Keri Kubota